Much effort is needed today to be able to score well in the generic searchresults. Below I have made a list of 50 points which you should definitely think about. You can print it and use it as a checklist!

  1. Google Analytics is active on your site?
  2. Is the Google search Console active?
  3. Use BING webmaster tools.
  4. Do you have a Wordpress site? Use Yoast.
  5. Do you have a Joomla website? Use RSSEO.
  6. Do you Webmaster checked 404/500 errors, duplicate content and missing titles?
  7. Are all your meta descriptions 155 characters or less?
  8. Are all your mete descriptions unique?
  9. Are all your title tags 65 characters or less?
  10. Make use of h1, h2, h3, h4 tags, and want to be an h1 tag the word you found?
  11. Do you search engine accessible content for your site?
  12. All images properly? In terms of size and in terms of alt tags, and name?
  13. Do you use internal links?
  14. Use keyword (words that you want to be found) in your <title> tag.
  15. Provide rapid site.
  16. Provide a responsive site (mobile vriendellijk).
  17. Avoid duplicate content.
  18. Use a robots.txt file.
  19. Do you have a beautiful 404 page?
  20. Check your website in all browsers.
  21. Use the "fetch as Google" option within Google webmaster tools
  22. Set a preferred domain in Webmaster Tools (with or without the www)
  23. Set a preferred language for webmaster tools
  24. Do not use hidden text, text in the color of the background.
  25. Avoid a Google penalty.
  26. Use social media, but do not spam your content.
  27. Optimize your website continuously.
  28. Use an XML sitemap and submit it to Google.
  29. Avoid javascript redirects, which are not recognized by Google.
  30. Meet with expired or expired content using 301 redirects.
  31. Please also note the format for images (width and height).
  32. Add where necessary, preferably the on every page, a call to action to.
  33. Use links to authority websites.
  34. Work on an active link policy: let your website retract from relative websites.
  35. Do not use frames.
  36. Provide minimal html errors (
  37. Give preference for Google Fonts over itself imported fonts.
  38. Provide regular updates.
  39. Analyze how your site performs in Google Analytics and Webmaster tools.
  40. Target your audience based on location and language settings.
  41. Publish your content by making an RSS or Atom feed available.
  42. Try your content structure as simple as possible and do not go beyond 3 levels in the body.
  43. Put your contact information clearly on each page.
  44. The more pages your site has, the better the indexing.
  45. Your domain name is the first search term that people use. Try to take this into account.
  46. Links from .edu or .gov sites have give a higher ranking.
  47. Provide links a title (title tag).
  48. Write unique content, modify a copied page on points is not something that Google is happy.
  49. Provide social likes.
  50. Use a Google+ profile to distribute content.

Of course to do just scan through, absolutely free!