Frequently asked questions about ProtostarPlus

How do i install ProtostarPlus

Simply download the package, and upload it trought extensions manager. When installed, you can activate and setup the template.

How about Joomla Updates?

Joomla updates will not mess up the ProtostarPlus template. So you can update without any problem!

How do i setup the search option?

Simply publish a newly made search module in the ProtostarPlus position 1, same as menu position. When this is done, the seach box will appear in the menubar.

What are the options for the slideshow?

You can select up to 5 slides. You can set the height of the slideshow, and you can set the transitionspeed in ms.

How do i setup the background image?

The background image can be selected in the template. It is set to stretch, so for all resolutions, the background will cover the entire screen.

How do i make the container transparent?

You can do this with the RGBA method. for instance, setting a 255,255,255,0.8 will give a white background, with a 0.8 transperancy.

How do i setup the slideshow to only appear on selecte pages?

You can select the pages you want the slideshow to be shown on, by menu-assigning the template to those pages. Simply copy the template, and assign this copy, without slides, to the rest of the pages. 

Can i use more instances of this template for different pages?

Yes, you can create various styles and layouts. By copying the template, and assigning the different template instance to different pages, it is easy to change a color scheme on your site, or work with different background images on different pages.